Don’t Screw Up Your Facebook Fan Page Like I Did… Learn From My Mistakes

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

So I got into Network Marketing, first thing I do is make a facebook fan page that I thought would get tons of fans only to realize that IT WAS THE SAME AS EVERY SCHMUCK OUT THERE PROMOTING MLM. I laugh at it now but before I knew how to properly set it up I had all types of “Free Leads This” and “Expert MLM Training To Make You Money That”, basically I was full of crap. Have you ever felt like that? Like you have no choice to pretend that you are an expert or people won’t see your opportunity?

Well I know how you feel cause this good old blue collar boy was part of the 97% of online marketers out there that didn’t have a clue. It wasn’t until I learned what NOT to do that things started to turn around. Now I must WARN YOU you might not want to here this cause when I found this out I had to delete my page and start all over again. But when I did I saw more people gravitating to me and the best part is I could now offer some honest value.

3 Ways To Screw Up Your Facebook Fan Page

#1 Your Profile Picture: I know this seems simple but call me a simple guy, but your picture should represent you. You don’t know how many people out there put pictures of their pets or network marketing company they are part of. It should have your brand and what you are about.

Here is my new facebook fan page for example. It’s scary starting from scratch but I wouldn’t want to B.S. you and tell you I have a ton of fans now but this is what it takes to start getting there.

#2 NO SELLING: Do Not, I Mean DO NOT SELL YOUR MLM ON YOUR facebook fan page. There are plenty of people out there trying to sell people on their primary network marketing business. Try helping people with free information that will help their business. It positions you as a leader and will get 10k fans much quicker than your company video.

#3 Custom URL: If you didn’t know (cause I sure as hell didn’t :D ) your facebook fan page can have a custom url. This helps the search engines and makes you look more professional. Once you have 25 fans you can create a custom url. I reccomend using your name. Go to Edit Page>>> Basic Information>>> Username is the third option down.

More Ways Not To Make Your Page Suck

There are a lot of little things that make people fail at making a great facebook fan page. I learned this from my friend Brian’s training on how he got 10,000 fans. Like I said, I was trying to do the same thing most online marketers do with there facebook fan page until I learned I was just another sheep. I noticed how much quicker people responded to my page and the best part is i’m now ahead of 97% of network marketers. So unless you know what only 3% of us know check out the 2 secrets that changed my facebook fan page and set me well on my way to get 10k fans.

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Making Money Online

Making Money Online

What Homer Simpson Made Me Realize About Making Money Online

So I was sitting home watching The Simpsons (yea so what grown men can watch cartoons :) ) and the above image struck me like a ton of bricks. If a cartoon is giving us the message about “Drowning In Debt” then someone is trying to really give us a hint.


Unfortunately todays schools do not prepare our kids for a Financial Education. People are still taught to:

*Go To School

*Get A Job

*Save, Save, Save

Well i’m not going to go into how that’s unbelievably wrong but it is one of the causes of why we are in the financial crap hole we are in today. To get more into that check out Robert Kiyosaki’s Increase Your Financial IQ. So what does all of this have to do with making money online?

If You Haven’t Realized It Yet, You Are Screwed Unless You Know How To Make Money Online

There is a feeling that 100% of the people out there feel but only 3% of the people know about. We are not in a recession we are heading towards the biggest depression known to man. If you haven’t seen or heard of this open any news paper or turn on any TV channel and it’s right there in your face with Europe debt and the craziness of Occupy Wall Street. But I am not saying this to scare you in fact it’s pretty exciting stuff if you know what to do. All you need are the success steps to making money online.

The 5 Steps To Making Money Online

1) A Strong Desire To Make It

2) The Right Opportunity Or Product

3) A System To Market Your Product

4) Expert Training To Learn How Not To Do What Others Do

5) Persistance

It really is that simple. If you are motivated enough to make a change for you and your family then this is not what you could do but what you will do. No matter which Home Based Business you choose to start making money online with you should make sure that you are joining something that you really believe in. People will never join your business or opportunity!!!

They will join you because they believe in you and your leadership skills. In order for you to posses these leadership skills you have to educate and invest in yourself so you can provide value.

NEVER lie, NEVER promise what you can’t, and NEVER chase people. If you are new to making money online then there is a MARKETING BIBLE you should read and it’s called Magnetic Sponsoring.

Before I got a grasp on making money online I was doing every possible training out there while copying everyone with the “free leads this” and the “join now” crap that you see everywhere. I had no time to myself and started to hate what I was doing till I had a semi nervous breakdown and decided to just be myself and share what has worked for me. The first thing I noticed after my marketing training with MLSP was how much more people gravitated to me and I was getting numerous leads a day. Since then I making money online has become an automatic process and the best part is I have more free time to do what I love which is acting and spending time with friends and family.

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Help My Friend Beat Cancer This Thanksgiving With A Piano

Normally I blog about business and Network Marketing because I want to help people change their lives and financial situations. But today I want you to help me help a family that has changed my life. For those that don’t know breakdancing saved my life.

I was brought into a legendary crew called “Dyamic Rockers” in 1999. It was Victor “Glyde” Alicea that took me under his wing and taught me how to “break”, but more than that he taught me I can do what ever I set my mind to. It opened a world of dance and travel for me. If it wasn’t for him and Dynamic I would have most likely got involved in a gang. He kept me focused for the love of hip hop and b-boying and started the path of success wich I continue on today.

His wife Lynette was diagnosed with a rare form of Melanoma. Click Here to read their story. Right now Glyde is looking to fulfill all the things that his wife is passionate about & this is very important in her healing. We these positive steps she will BEAT CANCER!!!


Lynette plays the piano .. does any one have or know some one that is trying to sell an in-expensive or give away a piano?


[warning]“I would love to see her playing and living her life… let me know…………and thanks to all the people who have stepped up in this time of need.. we love you all…”   -Victor “Glyde” Alicea[/warning]

If you or anyone you know can help please contact Glyde on his facebook page here.

[important]Tweet and Repost this to help Lynette’s dream come true as she will beat cancer this Thanksgiving.[/important]

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Can A Residual Income Opportunity Really Work?

Before I learned about residual income opportunities I was living in the projects with my mom running the rat race. When I got started the first thing I noticed was my whole attitude in life shifted to positive. Since then I have created a monthly residual income stream and the best part is I get to help other people fire their bosses!

The Right Tools To Build A Residual Income Stream

It makes me mad that there are people out there killing other peoples dreams just cause they have not reached theirs. I believe that it’s our duties as business owners to share and teach others out there who don’t know about residual income and how they can better their lives. Not just for the sake of money cause that would be empty. Everyone deserves a “Happy Ending”.

Creating multiple streams of income is a systematic step by step process.

1) Learn how to Market

2) Pick the right Marketing System

3) Pick a Primary Business System

4) Pick a Great Affiliate Product to Produce Up Front Income for Your Primary.

Click to see how residual income streams took me from the living with my mom in the ghetto to making my dreams come true. If you are interested in working with me, take a look at the tools I have hand picked to create my multiple residual income streams, unless you are already making to much money.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

On first consideration The Secret & The Law Of Attraction looks like some stuff a stoner hippy would do.

When you first look at the ideas behind the law of attraction, if you ever seen a woodstock flick, you may well think it’s something from the peace and love era of the mid 1960s. When you discover that the people such as Tony Robbins use their very own law of attracion secret techniques in their many enterprises, and he has earned a number of degrees, you might think that he came originally from a wealthy background. He didn’t, and you may be amazed to find out that his search for personal development and growth came when he was almost homeless up in his early twenties.

Why Would I need The Law Of Attraction?

There are plenty of subconscious reasons which explain why most people are successful and others are not. Often it is simply because of the way successful people think.

They assert they will not quit, while another person may throw in the towel on something after the 1st try. The Law Of Attraction teaches people to achieve success and think in a way that they can triumph over the explanations why they cannot achieve what they want to. We understand that’s what holds many people back is our upbringing and what we were told as kids.

It is called conditioning. If you’re consistently failing at the things you do especially in business, we suggest you read or watch The Secret you’ll be part of the uncountable millions of other visitors who’s lives change every month. You could be stunned at the diverse thinking of others that have been part of this, many of them are stunningly useful for changing the way you concentrate on things. As an example why do you NOT do certain things? Very often as you have failed at them in the past so you associate whatever it is with failure. In business this could translate into anything – in internet promotion it might be calling people on the phone to get leads. The Law of Attraction teaches methods to get over those hurdles.

The Law Of Attraction and my Personal and Thriving Business Development

I firmly believe that with the right mind-set you can attract whatever you truly need, and by using these methods in the Law Of Attraction book you will be able to show exactly how to think and be absolutely effective when making an attempt to attain your targets.

Gabriel's The Law Of Attraction Dream Board

The Law Of Attraction assisted me in achieving my ambitions, and help you overcome problems after they appear – and we all know we’re going to have problems. By maintaining positivity and understanding the law of attraction approach is itself part of self-development and personal development. I was brought up by a single mother in a very bad neighborhood in Queens, NY. I applied the law of attraction to everything I did and became a successful working actor and online marketer in a matter of thoughts! I would be lying to you if I said it happend over night but with the right mind set and actions that’s exactly what it felt like!

You have 2 decisions, success or failure and after following and understanding the law of attraction you will not be one of the failures.

The Law of Attraction Straighten out Your Attitude!

Do you actually have any positive targets set for your business, or are you rambling around lost in a mist? Having a solid goal in mind and being conscious of that goal all the time, the Law of Attraction will move you closer to your goals quicker.

Simply saying you really need to save for your kid’s college fund won’t get you anywhere toward that goal without doing something positive about it. With a new or established business you have to have set targets under consideration. A few of the people appear to be born knowing they will be successful but for us normal people The Law of Attraction can give an insight into the proper way to think and become successful.

Here Is an example of how I implemented the law of attraction and got a producers meeting with the HBO hit Boardwal Empire. If you are serious about your goals and changing your life, Get Positive. Get Clear. Get The Law Of Attraction and watch or read it at least once a month.

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